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Finding The Right Dental Consultant
Philadelphia, PA

Image of a dental consultation at Practice at your best in Philadelphia, Pa. Being a dentist is challenging, and one of the biggest challenges is managing your team and handling the dentistry business. You can lift the enormous weight from your shoulder, ensuring you run an efficient dental practice with the proper support that brings reliable resources. To help streamline your dentistry work, you need to get a dental consultant to help streamline the processes.

At Practice At Your Best, we have established ourselves as leaders in the industry, matching dentists with great consultants who will guide them to professional success. When you partner with us, you will gain unique access to different quality resources your competitors do not have. All of our consultants are well-trained to offer management or advisory services, marketing, financial advice, lecturing, and consulting.

What is the Role of Dental Consultants?

A dental consultant refers to a small business coach helping dental practices handle their business or economic needs. There are different reasons why you can hire a dental consultant.

A dental consultant will review your daily operations and point out areas that need to be adjusted. There are possibilities the flow of patients from the appointment setting to check-in and treatment phase is bogged. The overhead may be much higher than it should be, or the payroll system may need to be more efficient. The dental consultant will recommend the right processes and changes that will help streamline your operations, making them profitable.

Essential Tips to Help you Find the Right Dental Consultant

With the many dental consultants in the market, not all offer the same dental implant service. To ensure you get a dental consultant who will help improve your services, consider the following tips.

Know What You Expect to Accomplish

Consultants have different areas of specialization. Before hiring a dental consultant, you must identify what you want to accomplish to ensure your goals will be consistent with the dental consultant you will be hiring.

Ask About Their Consulting Method

You will want to avoid any dental consultant taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Your practice has goals, and you will want to hire someone to support you in getting there. Some consulting firms will invite you and your team to visit their center for training. Some consultants prefer in-office consulting. Before you hire a dental consultant, you need to decide on the approach that suits you best.

Review References

The process of hiring a dental consultant is almost similar to that of hiring a new employee. Do not be content with just reading the testimonials on their website. Ask for contacts of the clients they have worked with. Call the clients, asking them if they are satisfied with the dental consultant services and if they would hire them again.

Remember to ask how accessible the consultant was and how they made follow-ups. You can also ask if they did stick to the agreed price or made modifications midway into the services.

Make Sure You Understand and Know the Consulting Agreement Terms

More than a one-time visit from a dental consultant is required to address all of the problems you intend to fix. Dental consulting programs that yield the best results cover a particular period. You need to check if the agreement terms allow you to change the consulting firm mid-way if you are not impressed by their services.

Prioritize Long Term Goals

Short-term goals are very tempting but could be better regarding the practice's long-term success. You can easily be tempted to increase fees by even 10% to make more profit. If the price increase makes you lose patience, you will have done your practice more harm than good. Ensure you always prioritize the long-term goals when hiring a dental consultant.

Be Patient Because Great Things Take Time

It does not matter the type of problem you are trying to fix. You and your team members must be patient to make things happen. You must invest time to learn new skills, meet the consultants, implement new systems, and ensure everyone on the team is accountable for their part. You will only get the results and rewards you want if you model the change and attitude you want to see in your team.

Training is Not an Event But a Process

Just because you spend a whole day training does not mean every employee is conversant with the new methods. It is a process that you need to follow and adhere to. Every training session will take you a step closer to your goal.

Ensure you continue meeting with your dental consultant on a regular basis to establish you are on track. Keep going if it is taking longer than you anticipated. Keep working, and you will soon reap great rewards.

Check the Available Options

There are several dental consulting groups out there in the market. You need to know your needs before settling on a particular dental consultant.

Narrow down your dental consultant list and call each one of them. Ask questions and listen to the answers they provide. Continue narrowing your list until you remain with the preferable dental consultant.

A dental consultant can walk into your facility and identify your problems. If the consultant cannot do a lot of good in helping you solve your problems, then there is no need to work with such a person. Get a dental consultant capable of guiding you through implementing the necessary changes to help you achieve your goals.

There are several dental consulting services out there. Not all of them have experience and knowledge in the dental industry. It will be more beneficial to you if you work with someone aware of dental practice operations and has experience solving issues or goals similar to yours.

A dental consultant will ensure the daily aspects of running a practice go smoothly. If you want help with having a seamless and efficient process, marketing, or managing staff, speak to Practice At Your Best. We will help free up your time to focus on patients and whatever you love most. Call us today at 215-206-8784 to see how we can support your dental practice's growth and success.

Have Additional Questions?

Reach out to us anytime and we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you have!

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To help streamline your dentistry work, you need to get a dental consultant to help streamline the processes. Learn more here!
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