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CAREERfusion Implant Study Group
Philadelphia, PA

4.5 billion dollars was spent in the US Dental Implant industry in 2022 and the market is expected to double by 2030. Dental implants are successful, and predictable and can dramatically change the quality of life for individuals seeing care.

They say it takes a village! There are many roles needed for a successful provider of dental implants. Whether in a surgical department at a hospital, a DSO/ group practice that employs a surgeon and restoring dentist, or the solo practitioner who both places and restores implants “ a one-stop shop”, the industry of dental Implants has limitless potential for employment and opportunities for small independent businesses. The Dental Implant industry is constantly introducing new workflow procedures and technology for improved more efficient systems. Both dental and nursing healthcare professionals are qualified candidates to fill many of these roles.

Opportunities in the Dental Implant Industry:
As a nursing healthcare professional, you already may be ready to work as a surgical assistant and able to help manage IV sedation and the management of a surgical suite.

As a Dental Health Care professional working in the dental implant industry, you will be the person to complete the circle of care by monitoring peri-implant health, and providing home care education and maintenance.

As a salesperson or practice consultant you become a valuable resource to help a practice manage cases and keep up to date on the standard of care.

Additional employment and small business opportunities include:
•  Patient Outreach -Marketing/ Education for case acceptance
•  Patient Acquisition
•  Surgical Case Management Cordinator/ informed concept
•  Insurance specialist
•  Surgical Assisting/ Inventory Management/ sterilization/ Case documentation
•  Technology Cordinator- Digital Workflow Specialist/-office set up/ IT/ Technology Trainers
•  Restorative Component Cordinator for referring restoring offices.
•  Study Group Cordinator
•  Consulting/ practice development
•  Implant Rep – Surgical, Digital, Restorative, Lab
•  Dental Laboratory – restorative design, case management, outreach, education
•  Marketing/ social media cordinator
•  T&E Patient Education patient, Clinician Education and more!

•  Identify the many roles health care providers can play in the workflow for dental implants
•  Identify systems and protocols for implant management
•  Identity roles and skills needed to fill roles in dental implant management
•  Self-explore what core skills and knowledge base you have to be successful in filling this role
•  Construct a job description to match your expertise, experience, and skill set
•  Self-explore what core skills and knowledge base you will need to develop to become successful in filling this role
•  Predict roadblock’s holding one back from being successful
•  Construct a network of niche experts to help build your virtual network and help you become successful


The three-hour discover event will be supplemented with a one-year membership with a study group of peers. Together we will explore avenues for potential income, employment, and small business opportunities such as consulting or T&E “training, and education”.

The goal of the study club is to build our teams knowledge, resources, and network to make all members desirable service providers or employees. We encourage collaboration in the research and development of subject matter, and the courage to share information on weekly/monthly webinar meetings as part of the mentorship and collaboration. Members of the study group will assume leadership roles in managing a central collection of resources (aka Dropbox).

With the understanding of systems used to run a successful implant practice attendees will assign team experts to be responsible for researching and sharing of resources needed to obtain career goals.

About Lynn Pencek

Lynn Pencek is a conduit between industry and clinical practice. She brings a unique balance of industry knowledge and clinical experience to her presentations. As a member of the Nobel Biocare team, she helped offices bring in new technology and develop efficient workflows for dental implant treatment. She has experience with surgical assisting, clinical workflows, digital case planning for guided surgery, account and inventory management, marketing, and patient education for case acceptance.

Being a dental hygienist, Lynn wanted to learn more about the care and maintenance of dental implants than what was provided. With a passion to unravel the questions and common misunderstandings dental hygienists have about dental implant maintenance Lynn founded her company “Practice at Your Best.”

Lynn started her clinical career as a graduate of Broome County Community College Department of Dental Hygiene. She is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson University’s Department of Dental Hygiene with her Baccalaureate and received her Master of Science in Dental Hygiene from University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Lynn has held faculty appointments at Thomas Jefferson University and Community College of Philadelphia. She has served as a Corporate Council member for Dimensions in Dental Hygiene representing Nobel Biocare and Orascoptic. As a past president of the Philadelphia Dental Hygiene Society and a 10-year attendee of Career Fusion, Lynn has spent her career helping dental professionals explore options for having their best careers.

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CAREERfusion Implant Study Group • Philadelphia, PA
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